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Who are Education Mutual?

Who are
Education Mutual?

Welcome to your new favourite way to
manage your staff absenteeism.

We’ve revolutionised how the staff absence
insurance market operates.

What is Education Mutual?

Education Mutual provides a proven, innovative way to manage staff absence protection for Schools and Trusts.

We’re a non-profit organisation that reinvests all surplus funds back into the education sector

 We run solely for the benefit of our member schools, rather than any profiting shareholders

 We provide our members with access to a wide range of health and wellbeing services at no additional cost

We’re proud to be the UK’s largest member-owned provider of staff absence protection for Schools and Trusts

Education Mutual is a trusted partner and innovator in the education sector. As a CPC framework recommended provider by the Department for Education, we believe in the power of community and prioritise the assurance of budget certainty for our members.

Our ethos allows us to provide affordable and sustainable solutions to prevent and reduce staff absences, alongside adding value to each membership. Memberships are tailor-made to align with each school’s unique needs, securing extensive coverage customised to fit your budget requirements.

Who looks after Education Mutual?



Education Mutual is 100% owned by its members and runs solely for the benefit of all member schools. Unlike staff absence insurers who seek to make a profit from your school for the benefit of their shareholders.


Board members

The Education Mutual board are made up of School Business Leaders and Head Teachers like yourselves who want the best for their school budgets, and share the same frustrations with the absence insurance market.


Mutual protection
you can trust

Our members have a voice

Each year, our member schools are invited to our Annual General Meeting, where they participate in the decision-making processes that serves the collective interests of all Education Mutual member schools.

We’re not a Community Interest Company (CIC)

Unlike certain competitors ‘mutuals’, Education Mutual operates with a clear sense of purpose. However, a CIC is owned by its shareholders with no obligation for them to involve service users in the decision making process.

Shaking up the Insurance Market

Staff absence insurers will never change their ways. Neither will we. We believe in a sustainable future for Schools and Trusts.


Recommended by the Department for Education through the CPC Framework


An ethical approach to insurance through a non-profit-making mutual model


Dedicated to providing schools and academies with guidance and protection


The only staff absence protection provider with a public review forum


A fully regulated Mutual

Some entities, like CICs, masquerade as regulated staff absence protection mutuals, but that’s not the case with us!

Association of Financial Mutuals (AFM)

We operate under the guidance and regulations of the Association of Financial Mutuals.

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

We’re the only staff absence protection mutual registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

How does Education Mutual work?

Unlike profit-driven absence insurance companies, we operate with minimal management costs. This guarantees that every surplus pound goes directly towards supporting schools, rather than shareholders.

Your Contributions

All member schools pay a contribution to the mutual, which is put into a pot, safely protected via stop loss.

Claims payments

The pot of money is there for us to pay 100% of all valid claims and additional discretional claims.

Surplus funds

Our members decide on the allocation of the remaining surplus funds.

Ready to do things the Education Mutual way?

It’s time for a change. Protect your staff with the non-profit making an alternative to staff absence insurance. Contact our award-winning team today to discuss your protection options.

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