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An ethical alternative to staff absence insurance

Here at Education Mutual, we do things differently

We reinvest surplus funds back into education

We have paid 100% of all valid claims

Free flu vaccines for all staff

Collaborative purchasing discount available

Allocate your health service entitlement

Customise staff category entitlements

Approach things the Education Mutual way

Education Mutual is a trusted partner and innovator in the education sector. members please benefit from guaranteed budget certainty through our multi-award-winning protection.

Comprehensive Health and Wellbeing services

Customise your protection

Choose to protect any combination of your staff be that teaching staff only, some or all non-teaching, support and site staff with flexible benefits designed by schools for schools.


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Health and Wellbeing Services

Your health is our priority

Becoming an Education Mutual member school doesn’t just enhance your absence protection; it opens doors to a wide range of health and wellbeing services which are all included in the membership at no additional cost.

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NEW for 2024

Pupil Wellbeing Service


Men’s Mental Wellness

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Maternity and Paternity Support

Mat + Paternity Support

Neurodiversity Training


Multi-award winning service

We take great pride uniting our member schools, offering an opportunity to network, share knowledge, and build a sense of community among their educational institutions.

By schools, for schools

At Education Mutual, our ethos allows us to provide affordable and sustainable solutions to prevent and reduce staff absences, alongside adding value to each membership

The ethical alternative to Staff Absence Insurance

Unlike profit-driven absence insurance companies, Education Mutual operates with a clear sense of purpose.

Operating with minimal management costs, we ensure efficiency in our operations. This guarantees that every surplus pound goes directly toward supporting schools.

Ditch the dangers of Self-Insuring

 When a school chooses to self-insure their staff absences, they take on the full financial risk to cover any associated costs.

As an Education Mutual member school, you have everything you need all under one roof within your contribution to the mutual.

Guarding your school against CIC ‘Mutual’s

As the UK’s largest member-owned provider of staff absence protection, we operate independently, free from any affiliations with current staff absence insurance providers.

This independence guarantees that contributions stay within the sector.

Our Impact

Our Trusted ‘Friend to the Sector’ commitment offers a solution to prevent and reduce staff absences

  • Exclusive provider to &
  • The only provider with a public review forum

The most financially secure member-owned Mutual available to UK schools


Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions to discover how we empower and support our educational institutions. If you can't find the answer to your question, please don't hesitate to contact us at 01623 287840. We're here to help!

“How does Education Mutual work as opposed to insurance?”

Unlike staff absence insurers, Education Mutual is member-owned. Our board is made up of School Business Professionals enabling a more adaptable and personalised approach in meeting the distinct needs of our member schools. Through the power of discretion, we have the ability to pay additional claims that are typically declined by insurers who follow strict policy wordings.

Furthermore, operating as a non-profit organization allows us to reinvest any surplus funds back into the sector, emphasizing a commitment to educational institutions rather than profit to corporate, shareholders etc .

"Because it's not an insurance contract, will you pay claims?"

Since launching in 2018, Education Mutual has paid 100% of all valid claims. As a non-profit organisation, there is no reason for valid claims to be declined. Our discretional power allows us to pay more claims – meaning more funds paid to your school.

“Are Discretionary Mutuals reliable?”

Yes – A discretionary mutual has the power to pay claims that would be typically declined by staff absence insurers.

Our discretional power allows us to go above and beyond for schools in their time of need – it’s one of the best things about Education Mutual!

“Will your pot of money will eventually run out?"

All Membership Contributions are protected!

We have an excess of loss insurance protecting the fund which pays all valid claims, should claims exceed contributions made by our members.

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