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As the UK’s largest member-owned provider of Staff Absence Protection, we run solely for the benefit of our members, rather than shareholders


Flu Vaccines

Free Flu Jabs available to prevent and reduce absences throughout member schools.

Financial Wellbeing Coaching

Finances are a big part of your employee’s wellbeing. Our efficient, accredited financial wellbeing coaches will share some tips and resources to support your education staff and encourage them to talk about their money worries.

Menopause Counselling

Menopause can be more emotionally and physically challenging than we expect. The good news is that help is available – you don’t need to navigate this time alone. Counselling can provide that safe space to explore your own personal transition through the menopause.


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Education Mutual Benefits

Member Owned

Flexibility is key when joining a staff absence cover scheme that can manage everything from the largest Multi-Academy Trusts down to the smallest of nurseries.

Choose to cover any combination of your staff, be that teaching staff only, some or all non-teaching, support and site staff.

One size definitely does not fit all and we are here to find you the most complete cover for your budget.

Members Not Customers

The board of Education Mutual are School Business Leaders and Head Teachers like yourselves who want the best for their budget, together with the flexibility of a commercial provider. Which is why we run for our shareholders, not investors.

Unlike commercial insurers, Education Mutual has low running costs and re-invests all surplus funds back into schools and not members’ pockets.

To date Education Mutual has re-invested more than £800,000 back into the Education Sector.

We extend cover beyond accidents and illness absences to ensure you have protection against the costs of:

  • Maternity Cover
  • Parental Leave
  • Jury Service
  • Incident And Accident Cover
  • Covid-19

We are 5 star!

Education Mutual

- Our proven, innovative way to manage Staff Absence Protection provides budget certainty and guaranteed support for your education staff

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