Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health services were introduced to the membership as a direct response to member requests. Our Occupational Health service is 5* rated by members, and provides a suite of services to support your school.

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Education Mutual is committed to offering beneficial services to our members.

Explore below the variety of Occupational Health services that we provide to our member schools at no additional cost.


Neurodiversity Training

Embracing the uniqueness of diverse minds

In today’s diverse workplace, recognising and embracing neurodiversity is not just a matter of inclusion; it’s a strategic advantage.

Our Neurodiversity Training allows employers to gain insight into a diverse range of neurological conditions such as ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia, and highlights the strengths neurodiverse individuals bring to a team. This training focuses on fostering an inclusive workplace culture, offering effective communication strategies and exploring reasonable accommodations.


Occupational Health

Workplace wellness starts here

These can be requested by employers at any point during the absence management process.

Our assessments are conducted by Specialist Occupational Health Practitioners (SOHP) who bring expertise and understanding to each case.

From expert advice on pregnancy health to assistance in planning for your period of leave and a return to work, our Self Development & Career Coaches are here to provide a smooth and empowering transition.


New Employee

Building teams, assessing excellence

We understand the importance of welcoming and supporting new staff members. This is made possible through our comprehensive assessments for new employees.

Once completed, this will be reviewed by a fully trained Specialist Occupational Health Practitioner (SOHP). They will identify any underlying medical conditions that may affect the new employee’s fitness to work and issue the school with a Fit-For-Work certification.

This service supports the employers’ obligations under


Occupational Health Support Line

Expert guidance, anytime you need

We understand the importance of fostering a clear and effective channel of communication. This dedicated helpline is designed to empower those with comprehensive guidance and expertise.

Our occupational health support line can be used by member schools to provide expert guidance before, during and after an Occupational Health Assessment, users can discuss a wide number of topics.

Users can discuss:

  • The appropriateness of a referral
  • What questions to ask prior to a referral
  • Clarification of any points raised in the final report


Occupational Health Hub

Connect. Care. Thrive

This resource is dedicated to fostering a healthy and supportive learning environment for our member schools. Our hub is designed to prioritise the wellbeing of educators and staff within the education sector.

This comprehensive resource has been crafted to empower schools with the knowledge and tools they need to create a thriving, healthy, and productive educational environment.

Explore topics including:

  • Managing absence & presenteeism
  • Workplace health promotions
  • Managing a return to work
  • Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace
  • Professional Development


Legal Services

Guiding schools to ensure compliance

Member schools access exclusive rates to for support and guidance from the UK’s highest quality legal teams.

What makes Deloitte Legal unique?

The Deloitte Employment team work directly with schools offering comprehensive support to enhance their capabilities in the following areas:

  • Liaising with trade unions
  • Negotiating exits and severance arrangements
  • Monitoring and mitigating potential employment law risk
  • Building the blueprints to enforce their legal rights in a timely manner
  • Address employment litigation
  • Reacting to adverse events when they occur to minimise damage and disruption

Health is on the way

Our streamlined process ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing
members to submit healthcare requests effortlessly.

How it works:


Submit a healthcare request via the Education Mutual website.


The team at Education Mutual will contact you to initiate a referral.


Within 48 hours a healthcare professional will contact you to perform a detailed triage ensuring that you receive the right supporting treatment.


You can book your appointment with your healthcare professional at a date and time that suits you.

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