Health and Wellbeing Services

Your Health is our Priority

All member schools access a wide range of health, wellbeing and occupational health services, all included in the membership at no additional cost

Unlock smarter budget management for your school while gaining access to comprehensive health and
wellbeing services designed to prevent and minimise
teacher absences

At Education Mutual, we take a holistic approach to support the health and wellbeing of all staff within our member schools


Our wide-ranging services tend to the physical needs of staff, making a contribution to fostering a productive school team.

Mental Health

Our commitment to the wellbeing of educators sets Education Mutual apart as an organisation.

Occupational Health

Our Occupational Health offering is a direct response to the needs and insights of our member schools.

Mental Health Services

We’ve developed a range of services specifically designed to protect your team and their mental wellbeing allowing them to focus on providing the highest standards of education to our next generation.

Healthcare Services

Staff absences can be a major disruption to the teaching and learning process. These services run in conjunction with our staff absence protection to support your schools’ staff and help reduce and prevent absences.

Occupational Health Services

Education Mutuals Occupational Health service is 5* rated by members. Introduced at members requests, we provide a suite of services to support your school.


We believe that a healthy school environment is a thriving one

We're introducing an array of new health and wellbeing services to further support our member schools and their school communities

Health is on the way

Our streamlined process ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing members to submit healthcare requests effortlessly

How it works:


Submit a healthcare request via the Education Mutual website.


The team at Education Mutual will contact you to initiate a referral.


Within 48 hours a healthcare professional will contact you to perform a detailed triage ensuring that you receive the right supporting treatment.


You can book your appointment with your healthcare professional at a date and time that suits you.

User-friendly services available to your staff

Our 'Trusted Friend to the Sector' commitment offers a solution
to safeguard your school to further prevent and reduce staff absences

Real stories with real results

Our members actively share valuable feedback based on their experiences with our comprehensive health and wellbeing services


“Thank you so much for all your help and advice. The OH therapist is spoke with was very professional, kind and a good listener. Keep up the good work!”


I found everyone that I spoke to extremely professional, caring and supportive. My counsellor was very empathetic, understanding and gave me lots of practical tips to help me to deal with my stress and anxiety moving forward.”


“I was very impressed with the Physio I received. The therapist was very professional and provided a good standard of treatment.”


“The counsellor was professional and asked exactly the questions I never knew I needed. It has changed my perspective to see how my decisions have been previously influenced by lots of factors. She helped me see how I can look after myself”


“I was made to feel at ease so I could talk openly and freely without rush. It was my time to talk as needed and this is very important.”
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