Healthcare and Wellbeing

All Education Mutual member schools also benefit from a range of comprehensive health and wellbeing services.

This includes counselling and physiotherapy sessions, 24/7 GP access and occupational health services to run in conjunction with our staff absence protection to support your schools’ staff and help reduce and prevent absences.


Our nationwide network of Physiotherapists can provide timely, effective and efficient therapy. These can be accessed at any time, also providing a preventative route suited to those taking a proactive approach to their healthcare.

Surgical Assistance Program

There is often a lengthy NHS waiting list for common surgical procedures, meaning employees can remain out of work for a considerable amount of time. Our surgical assistance programme involves coordinating and overcoming obstacles you and your employees face relating to the healthcare system

24/7 GP Service

Our GP service gives individuals the flexibility to have a consultation with a General Practitioner.

  • Immediate advice and support for employees
  • Flexible phone or video consultation
  • Private prescriptions
  • Patients can arrange and authorise direct prescription medications
  • Health information access to the UK’s most comprehensive medically validated health information database, providing 24-hour access to more than 1,100 topics

Mental Health Services

Education Mutual provide a range of Mental health support services including:


Through our extensive network of quality checked and vetted clinics, we are able to offer appointments at convenient times and dates, in locations throughout the UK. Education Mutual provides the most comprehensive counselling service with seven sessions as standard, and the option for an extension based on the counsellor’s recommendations. 95% of our counselling services are delivered within a five-mile radius of the member’s home address.

Mental Health first aid training

The education sector was a particularly demanding industry even before COVID-19. This can have a detrimental effect on teachers’ and staff’s wellbeing.

This workshop is designed to proactively support education staff and make them aware of the signs of mental health issues amongst their colleagues.

Occupational Health

Education Mutual has developed an Occupational Health service designed to support members in complying with Health and Safety at Work legislation and to optimise an individual’s overall health, attendance, and wellbeing.

New Employee Assessments

Following an offer of employment, the new employee is requested to complete an online New Employee Questionnaire.

Occupational Health Assessments

Education Mutual Occupational Health assessments can be requested by employers at any stage of the absence management process, from early-stage preventative reasons all the way to formal hearings where significant decisions are made. The most common reason for a management referral is to obtain an assessment of an employee’s fitness for work.

An assessment is conducted by a Specialist Occupational Health Practitioner who the schools can contact prior to the assessment taking place. The aim of the assessment is to address questions raised by the employer, following which a report is produced.

The primary aim of the report is to advise management regarding the employee’s health issues and to make recommendations on what reasonable adjustments could be considered to ensure a safe/healthy working environment for the employee.

Support Line

To support Education Mutual members further, we provide direct access to an Occupational Health support line, where managers can discuss the appropriateness of a management referral, get advice on what questions to ask prior to making a referral, and discuss any points raised in the final report which may require clarification.

Health Hub

Education Mutual member schools can access advice and guidance on workplace health issues via our Wellbeing Hub.

It provides information and guidance in areas such as Managing Absence & Presenteeism; Workplace Health Promotions; Managing Return to Work.

Increased Occupational Health Support

Following the great feedback from our members of our Occupations Health services launched in 2021 we are delighted to be able to increase the number of free assessments offered to schools in 2022

Deloitte Legal Services For Schools

Education Mutual is fast becoming a major schools service provider, we are now working in partnership with Deloitte members will have exclusive rates that are significantly reduced to help schools in these challenging times but will still receive services from some of the highest quality legal teams in the country.


What makes Deloitte Legal different?

The Employment team at Deloitte Legal works directly with schools to help them to:

  • Monitor and mitigate potential employment law risk
  • Manage their litigation risk – we help EM members defend claims when it is necessary to do so, but our aim is to resolve matters quickly and before they develop into litigation
  • Build strategies to enable them to enforce their legal rights in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • React to adverse events when they occur in order to minimise the damage and disruption – using all of our skills and expertise
  • Liaising with trade unions
  • Negotiating exits and severance arrangements
  • Employment litigation

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Staff from member schools can confidentially gain access to our all of our health and wellbeing services.

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