Healthcare Support

Healthcare Support

Our support services are targeted on those areas of absence and illness that we feel we can offer the most support to make a difference to the lives of staff and your budget. We have avoided the periphery of services that offer very little in support or impact upon absence yet still have a substantial financial cost. Instead, we have focussed on:

  • Physiotherapy / MSK Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Surgical Assistance Program
  • Major Incident SupportNew membership benefit for 2020!
  • Mental Health First AiderNew membership benefit for 2020!
  • 24hr GP Helpline and Prescription ServiceNew membership benefit for 2020!
  • Nurse support servicesNew membership benefit for 2020!

Physiotherapy / MSK Services

With waiting times for NHS services on the increase, there are often lengthy delays in people receiving vital treatment which in turn can prolong their absence from work. Our nationwide network of physiotherapists provides timely, effective and efficient therapy for muscular skeletal problems. Delivered both on a face to face basis and remotely via video link and support. These can be accessed at anytime, providing a preventative route suited to those taking a proactive approach to their healthcare.

Mental Health Services

One in four of us experience a mental health problem during our lives and one in six of us are affected every year by common mental health issues. Our service gives early access to clinical assessment, with every referral receiving a clinical triage determining the most suitable evidence-based treatment pathway for your employee. Treatment is then fast tracked via our nationwide network of highly qualified therapists, offering treatment options such as online programmes, secure video conferencing, and face to face therapy.

Major Incident Support – New for 2020

Following a major incident in school Education Mutual support their member schools with; £2000 school stress counselling package for both staff and pupils £1500 benefit for immediate supply cover £1000 financial assistance for advertising and recruitment £500 HR advice and support

Mental Health First Aider – New for 2020

The 1-day certificated Mental Health First Aid course will give delegates a greater awareness of mental health, allowing them to detect early symptoms of common mental illnesses and the skills to support their own and others’ positive wellbeing.

24/7 GP Helpline and Prescription Service – New for 2020

Designed to be inclusive for every staff member our service gives remote unlimited access to 24/7 private GPs. Our service gives individuals the flexibility to have a consultation with a GP in the comfort of their own home or at their place of work. Over the phone or through a video consultation, the choice is theirs. They will receive unlimited advice and reassurance, and can receive a diagnosis whenever they need it, wherever they are.

  • Private Prescriptions - During a call or online consultation should one of our doctors feel the individual would benefit from prescription medication, they can arrange and authorise private prescription medication. Doctors follow GMC best practice guidelines on remote prescribing and use a unique electronic prescription service for accuracy and safety.
  • Open referrals and Fit notes – As with remote prescribing should one of our doctors consider an individual’s condition requires further investigation or treatment they can issue a private open referral letter. Or, if necessary, they can issue a private fit note.

These will be emailed to the individual and with individual approval, a copy sent to their own NHS GP so as to keep a complete set of records

Nurse Support Service

Our service is staffed by experienced registered nurses, who not only understand the physical, mental and emotional needs of those affected by an accident, serious illness or emotional trauma but who also are accustomed to listening, caring and empathically supporting an individual with their issues.

Nurse advisors, take a very person centred approach, focusing on an individual’s specific needs; helping them to understand their own situation and matching needs to the most suitable healthcare and support services. Support and advice might include such situations as helping with coping strategies post bereavement; clinical advice; help in planning post-accident and illness recovery (minor and complex); assistance in navigating the NHS e-referral system and signposting in respect of any surgical and diagnostic needs; referrals to treatment services.

Nurses will provide help and support to people suffering from, living with, or recovering from:

  • Bereavement from loss of a loved one.
  • Cancer.
  • Cardiac conditions.
  • Lung conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema.
  • Medical trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder and heart attacks. mental health problems, such as addictions, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, stress and obsessive disorders.
  • Motor neurone disease.
  • Orthopaedic conditions, including injuries to the limbs, hips and spine.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Parkinson’s disease.
  • Stroke.
  • Other life-limiting or life-changing conditions.

Staff are the most important asset a school has. They are the ones who provide learning for our students and support them to be the best they can be. As employers it is essential that we care for our staff - their well-being has to be an essential part of our provision.

In my role I have seen many staff experience all types of mental health absence. Staff will say to me “This has never happened to me before - I don’t understand what’s wrong with me”. All types of depression, anxiety and stress can affect staff well-being. These can be caused through work related aspects and/or home related issues. A mixture of several stressors can have a really negative impact. Being able to recognise these signs and being able to signpost staff is the main reason I believe in the importance of health care. This is one of the key drivers to improving attendance through provision of excellent counselling services at Education Mutual. Last year more than 15 people accessed these services at Walbottle Campus and all of them came and thanked me for suggesting they take up counselling services. It is a high quality service which helps staff identify strategies to overcome barriers and to help their recovery.

Well-being is more than counselling of course, but I believe this is just an example of how it provides an essential professional approach to supporting staff through times of difficulty in a confidential way. As an employer our duty of care is non-negotiable. As part of our risk management strategy we class absence management and well-being as essential - if you are considering this - can you afford not to?

Tracey Gray, Finance Director, Walbottle Campus