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In line with our continued dedication to the education sector, Education Mutual is thrilled to unveil the release of the annual report for 2024 - School Business Leader Wellbeing Index 2024.

School Business Leaders - We've listened!

The collective efforts of School Business Leaders not only ensure the seamless day-to-day operations run smoothly but also contribute to the overall success and growth of the educational setting that they serve. Prioritising and sharing enhancements to their mental health and wellbeing is imperative.

Throughout this ongoing research, we employ the generic term ‘SBLs’ to acknowledge the various job titles associated with individuals fulfilling senior management roles. The collective contributions of School Business Leaders, School Business Managers, Human Resources, and administrative staff are crucial in ensuring the efficient operation of state-funded primary, secondary, and special schools in England and Wales.

Our key 2024 findings include

82 %

of SBLs said that an excessive workload affected their mental health and wellbeing at work

59 %

of staff stated that funding issues had a negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing

47 %

of SBLs said that working long, unpaid hours affect their mental health

47 %

of staff experienced a negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing due to staffing problems

45 %

of SBLs acknowledged the negative impact of additional, unpaid hours on their work-life balance

Our Conclusions

Educational settings should seek to reassure staff that they are safe to access the support available, without the fear of consequences.

There is room for improvement in the support offered to staff and around overcoming barriers to their service use.

SBLs working in primary schools are less likely to have access to services such as a confidential helpline or even a HR/Union representative to talk to

Both funding and financial issues were reported to create anxiety around managing school finances and making difficult decisions (e.g. increasing cost pressures).


The second edition of our annual mental health and wellbeing research delves deeper into the mental health and wellbeing of School Business Leaders, offering a reflective analysis of the previous year’s results.

You can download, print, and share the reports by selecting either dated edition of your choice.

We trust that ensuring access to a variety of healthcare, mental health, and wellbeing services, such as those provided to member schools through Education Mutual, contributes to additional support for both yourself and your education staff to utilize.

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