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Ofsted inspections & wellbeing A guide for School Business Managers

We are excited to launch our new well-being resource to help school business managers stay mentally healthy.

Our third guide, in partnership with Education Support, follows the topic of Ofsted. Inside, you will find practical information on how Ofsted inspectors consider the wellbeing and workload of staff, what questions they ask when making their decisions to assess staff wellbeing and what schools need to show they are doing to look after the wellbeing of staff at all levels.

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Wellbeing Tips For School Business Managers

We are excited to launch two new resources to help School Business Managers stay mentally healthy in partnership with Education Support.

‘As part of our ongoing commitment to the education sector, we’re proud to launch resources that support our School Business Leaders. The role of an SBL is unique and demanding, it’s important we understand their world and deliver support bespoke to the challenges they face.’

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