In my role as COO of a new rapidly expanded Trust of 48 schools, I sleep easier knowing that our schools are supported by Education Mutual. Regardless of the size of our school budgets, you just never know when something unexpected will hit your school team like a ‘sledgehammer’ – that is life isn’t it, generally when you just think you’re sorted.


What I do know is what I can do to protect them. Education Mutual is our staff absence protection choice of cover. However, it is so much more than that to both me and our staff who have benefitted from having that cover. The number of times I have received ‘Thank You’s’ from staff who have confirmed how beneficial it was for them during personal turmoil from the supportive counselling service, the fantastic advice line or even headteachers confirming Education Mutual paid their claims without having to tussle for the funding, have been fantastic

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