We are excited to launch two new resources to help School Business Managers stay mentally healthy in partnership with Education Support.

‘As part of our ongoing commitment to the education sector, we’re proud to launch resources that support our School Business Leaders. The role of an SBL is unique and demanding, it’s important we understand their world and deliver support bespoke to the challenges they face.’

The first two resources have been laid out as easy-to-read guides, and a third guide will be launched in the coming weeks:

1. Getting the right work-life balance and protecting yourself: A guide for School Business Managers.

2. Supporting each other with mental health and well-being: A guide for School Business Managers.

An expert steering group helped develop, review, and provide feedback on each guide, ensuring they are evidence-based and relevant for anyone working as a School Business Manager.

You can download, print, and share the first two guides by following the links above. Keep an eye out for the third guide, which will only be available on the Education Mutual website.

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