We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Sports Directory. Here at Education Mutual, we understand the increased budget restraints that schools and trusts are facing. This partnership will further save our members money whilst providing the quality P.E equipment that pupils deserve.

Sports Directory are a leading supplier of Primary and Secondary P.E. and sports equipment throughout the UK. From footballs to tennis rackets, dodgeballs to trampolines, or trophies to netball posts, everything is covered. Whatever your needs, you will find that Sports Directory has it all, at outstandingly low prices. Sports Directory sells competitively priced, well-made sports equipment with a sense of fun, style and attention to detail alongside a dedication to offering you the best brands in the sports trade.

Here at Education Mutual, we provide a new innovative way to manage staff absence protection for Schools and Trusts. As a non-profit making and DfE approved mutual, we operate solely for the benefit of our members. Our ‘by schools, for schools’ approach allows us to support schools in more ways than one- enabling us to reinvest all end of year surplus back into education through choices made by the member schools.

This exciting partnership with Sports Directory entitles all member schools to a sizeable discount on all online purchases with Sports Directory – allowing further savings! The discount will encourage member schools to make cost-effective decisions to further stretch their budgets – all contributing towards the improved quality of P.E. and sports provision for their students. The discount will be accessible through a specific code given to you via email to include in the checkout section when finalising your purchase online.

Additionally, Sports Directory offer a rewards scheme ‘My School Rewards’ for all UK Schools. The scheme helps to reduce costs, alongside providing a 30-day credit facility on all orders. Schools that are also registered with their scheme will still earn vouchers on all spending, meaning further savings and more exciting purchases for schools to enjoy!

You can register with Sports Directory’s reward scheme by simply creating an account here and filling out this form.

For more information regarding the partnership, please visit www.sportsdirectory.com or contact us here at Education Mutual.

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